Spot Fake Email Messages Like a Pro

Scott White Scott White May 26, 2020 0 Comments

The bad guys will often imitate someone you know, trying to gain trust so your guard is down. They will often contain a link to a document or webpage.

So, what can I do to stay safe from this kind of attack?

  • Even if the email is sent from someone you know, do not click on links without first verifying with the person it was sent from.   
  • Most of these emails may ask you to sign a document or follow a link that is phishing for information or attempting to install some malware/viruses on your computer.  

The email below was something we encountered recently and the person receiving it asked us to investigate because they knew the person but was not expecting any emails from them. After we investigated, we determined it was pointing to a known phishing site used by hackers to install malware or viruses.  

Scott White
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Scott White is a Senior Cloud Engineer with Centristic. He is focused on research and development in cloud security technologies, specifically around Microsoft technologies. Previously, Scott worked for Microsoft and has become the leading subject matter expert on Microsoft Office 365 security at Centristic.

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